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Different Place & Time

Kelly Fumo – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Loops
John Fumo – Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Guitar, Keys, Loops
Scott Farr – Guitar on “Voices in my Head” and “Hopeless”
John Clement – Wood Keys on “Hopeless”
Vic Momjian – Bass on “Unstoppable”

Different place and time 3:29
Voices in my head 4:32
Come to me 4:09
Strange and wonderful 5:39
All I want 3:44
Hopeless 6:25
Comfort of discomfort 2:41
Days oast…bapu 5:09
Unstoppable 3:25
It’s all about me 3:33

All songs written, recorded and produced by Kelly and John Fumo ©BMI 2005 at “The Most Comfortable Place in the Universe Studios” Los Angeles, CA
Mastered at Newzone Studios by Wayne Peet


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