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New recording by Trevor Henthorn

Hipster Modular

The Jacumba Sets

John Hirschmann
Iceland vs. Borneo: Volume One

Iceland vs. Borneo

"The tunes on Iceland vs. Borneo pulsate and ricochet and generally distort one's inner ear, (in a good way) something the Terminator might want playing at his bachelor party. There's a lot of technology-meets-nightmarish vocal distortions amid the undulating synthesizer effects here...complete with a Stephen Hawking meets Beastie Boys sampling Tangerine Dream type of rap narrative." --Robert Bush (click for entire review)

Corpseboy and Cassidy:
Grain of the Voice

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David Bartel:
Deep Sound Channel 01

angry vegan records 007

Steve Shelton
A Fool's Hearty Wisdom

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William C. Harrington
Urban Electronic Music

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Justin Cassidy
Patrick Rodriguez

send my regards
grandmas cookies

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John Fumo
Kelly Fumo

different time and place

angry vegan records 003

Chris Truitt
{the had and been}
we are the ones

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Stephen Millard
Black Window

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